WODS on the GO


These CrossFit workouts can be done while traveling, with no equipment, and some within a small space. Simply pick one and do it!

Run 1/2 mile 50 air squats – 3 rounds
10 push-ups 10 sit ups 10 squats – 10 rounds

200 air squats for time

Run 1 mile for time

Run 200m 10 squats 10 push ups 5 rounds

Sprint 200m and do 25 push ups, 3 rounds

10 handstand push ups and a 200m run 3 rounds

Tabata squats and Tabata push-ups

5 push ups 5 squats 5 sit ups, 20 rounds

Walk 100 meters on your hands, even if it is 2 meters at a time

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 sets of sit ups and a 100 meter sprint between each set

Invisible Fran…21-15-9 of air squats and push ups for time

Spend a total of 5 minutes in a handstand, or headstand. If you are using the
headstand do not stay over a minute at a time

10 push ups 10 air squats and 10 sit ups, 6 rounds for time

Do one air squat and take one breath, (you can breath all you want while you do the squat or squats) do 2 and take 2 breaths etc…up to 10, and then come back down to one

3 vertical jumps 3 squats 3 long jumps – 5 rounds

Handstand 30 seconds and 10 squats, 8 rounds

10 push-ups 100M dash 10x

Tabata squats

5x 400M sprints

10 X 100 m dash

25 pressing snatch balances each arm. No weight

Run 1 mile, lunging 30 steps every 1 minute

Handstand 30 seconds and 20 air squats, 5 rounds

10 handstand jackknife to vertical jump, 10 handstand jackknife to tuck jump, 10
handstand jackknife to straddle jump

100 air squats. For time

4x 25 jumping squats

10 vertical jumps, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 4 rounds…for time

10 air squats every 1 minute of your 1 mile run

10 push-ups 10 squats 10 sit ups 10 rounds

10 vertical jumps, run 400 meters, 5 rounds

Spend a total of 3 minutes in a handstand

100 air squats for time

Handstand 1 minute, hold bottom of the squat for 1 minute, 5 rounds

Sprint 100 meters, Walk 100 meters, 10 rounds

100 push ups for time

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 burpees and sit ups

50 sit ups, 400 meter run or sprint or walk. 3 rounds

10 walking lunges, 10 push-ups, 10 rounds

50 split jumps for time

Handstand for 30 seconds or 5 handstand push ups…400 meter run. 4 rounds

10 burpees, 100meter sprint 10x for time

“L” sit off the floor. 10 rounds of 10 seconds…if you can’t do it sit with your legs straight out and try to lift your heels of the ground for 10 seconds instead!

Run 400 meters, 50 air squats. 4 rounds

Handstand 30 seconds, to squat hold 30 seconds. 10 rounds

Ten vertical jumps (jump as high as you can, land and do it again), 10 push-ups 5 rounds

10 push-ups, 10 squats, 10 rounds

Tabata squats: 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest, 8 rounds. Count your lowest score

Handstand to jackknife to vertical jump. 30 Reps

Run 1 mile with 100 air squats at midpoint, for time

7 squats, 7 burpees, seven rounds, for time

10 x 30 second handstand to 30 second bottom of the squat hold

Burpee to the push up position, do 10 push ups, burpee out. 5 rounds

Run 1 mile, plus 50 squats-for time

100 burpees for time

5 squats, 5 push-ups, 5 sit ups, 20 rounds

Plebs plank, bottom of squat, hollow rock hold, 30 seconds each for 10 rounds. Use the transition times as your rest periods…they should be as brief as possible

5 push ups with a 30 second plebs plank (a hold at the top of the push up, arms extended and body tight like a plank!) at the end of each 5 reps, 10 rounds. Then 3x 100m dash @ 80%

Handstand practice, 25 tries at free handstands, then a 1 mile run at 80%

Handstand 10 seconds jack-knife to vertical jump. 25 reps

Mime 4x 25 sumo deadlift high pulls, make them perfect. Be sure the hips extend before the arms bend!

50 air squats x 5. Rest equal amounts as it took to do each 50

Run 1 mile and do 10 push-ups every 1 minute

Sprint 100m 30 squats…8 rounds

30 push ups, 30 second handstand or plebs plank..3 rounds

10 sit ups and 10 burpees…10 rounds for time

Handstand hold, 30 seconds, squat hold 30 seconds…10 rounds

250 jumping jacks…for time

100 jumping jacks, 75 air squats, 50 push ups, 25 burpees. For time

Tabata push-ups

30 second handstand against a wall, followed by a 30 second static hold at the

bottom of the squat. 5 rounds

With eyes closed do 10 air squats, open eyes…do 10 push ups eyes closed, 5 rounds for time

Run 1 minute, squat 1 minute 5 rounds

Air squat x 10 push up x 10 sit up x 10 3 rounds for time

10 push-ups, 10 hollow rocks, run 200 meters….5 rounds

Do Tabata squats with eyes closed

Bottom to bottom (rest at the bottom of the squat instead of standing…without support on your hands or butt and make the bottom good, straight back, butt back)…Tabata squats

20 sit ups with support under the lumbar spine, 20 push ups, run 400m, 4 rounds

Handstands, 30 second hold, 30 second static squat, 30 second rest, 8 rounds

Sprint 50 meters, 10 push ups. 10 rounds

50 air squats, 4 rounds. Rest for 2 minutes between rounds

3x 20 tuck jumps. 3x 30 second handstands

400m run/sprint 30 air squats, 3 rounds for time

20 jumping jacks, 20 burpees, 20 air squats…3 rounds

Warm up. Run 100 meters and do 20 air squats. 10 rounds

Handstand 5x 30 seconds. Run: 2x 800 meters for time. Do the handstands first.

Rest and recover and do the runs with a rest in between that is as long as it took
you to run your first 800

100 air squats 3 min. rest, 100 air squats

Run with high knees for 15 seconds and drop into a push-up, get back up and run
with high knees again for 15 seconds…repeat 5x. Each push-up counts as 1 rep.
Rest. Do 3 more rounds

10x 50 meter sprint

Test yourself on a max set of push ups…tight body chest to the floor…full extension!

If you cannot do “mens style” do your push-ups from the knees. After that do 100 air squats for time

Tabata…20 seconds on 10 second rest 8 rounds of…tuck jumps and then sit ups

Run 400m air squat 30 hand stand 30 seconds 3 rounds for time

5 handstand to jacknife to high jump, 5 handstand to jacknife to tuck jump, 5
handstand to jacknife to split jump, 3 rounds…for form

50 burpees for time

5 push-ups, 5 squats, 5 sit ups – 20 rounds

Run 1 mile, stopping every minute to do 20 air squats

30 second handstand, 60 second squat hold (at the bottom of the squat) – 5 rounds

Run 200 meters, 50 squats, 3 rounds

Air squats x20, burpees x20, push-ups x20 – 3 rounds…for time

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